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What is Roku Application? Know more About Roku Com Link

The free mobile app from is a great app that we recommend downloading from iTunes or Google Play Store to every Roku owner. The Software has all the strengths of the Roku operating system.

The Roku Device is the worldwide number 1 streaming device that’s very popular in the United States. Roku is a small class tool that lets you view free and paying video content over the Internet on your TV. Provides why they like a strong viewing experience.

You can quite quickly turn your computer on in quick stages. After enabling your Roku app, anybody will enjoy streaming content directly to a wireless Internet link. Roku software lets you display thousands of channels at once.

How to Link the streaming device to your account?

  • Once you complete the process create a Roku account and use the activation code that is displayed on your TV screen.

  • Log in to the page and type the code that is displayed on your device screen to link the streaming device.

  • Going further, login and navigate to the channel store to add your favorite channels.

  • There are two channels types (Paid and free channels).

  • To add the free channel, tap on the add channel option

How Do Roku Streaming Devices Work?

  1. Unbox Roku packet. Plug Roku in your tv with HDMI cable from tv to Roku device

  2. Connect Roku with the internet, You can use wifi or a wired connection

  3. Once the device is connected to the internet, it will download the latest software or update the software.

  4. You will see the activation code for Roku on the screen

  5. Note down the code carefully as you will need this link code for Roku activation at

How to Add a Channel on Player Demanding Roku Link Access Code?

Apply the steps to add non-subscribed or private channels on Roku devices using link access code

Setup Roku device with Smart TV

  1. Attach the HDMI cable between the Roku device and Smart TV to build a connection. Later, start following on-screen instructions to complete Roku setup on TV using Roku activation link code.

  2. Attach your computer or laptop to the router wirelessly/wired. And, ensure the device has proper access to the Internet.

  3. Open another tab on the browser window and type private Roku channels or non-subscribed Roku channels. You will find different links to the private channel window.

Login Roku account configured on Roku device

Open the web browser window and go to URL: to login Roku account. Once you enter your Roku’s account home screen, navigate to the My Account page (via a menu that opens from the profile picture in the top-left corner).

Add channel using Roku link access code

  • Tap on the “Add channel with access code” link and type the copied channel code in the field provided.

  • Finally, click on Add channel and reboot your Roku device.

  • Check the list of channels on the Roku device post restart and you may see the channel being added to your favorite list.

Roku Wireless Setup - Check the Steps!

  1. Power on the devices on along with the router after connecting the Ethernet, where required

  2. The Roku logo appears on the screen and after that, the wizard starts issuing instructions beginning with the language

  3. For the Wi-Fi setup, choose either the WIRED or WIRELESS option for installation

  4. Enter the password after choosing the appropriate network name when asked to do so.

  5. Users may have to create a account to receive relevant information about their purchases and accounts

  6. An activation code generated for entry at to sync the account and the player

What kind of features do Roku devices have?

Roku devices can be connected using HDMI cables. These devices support High Definition videos, which offer a huge selection of channels. Some of the other important features can include:

  • Users get complete control over the device settings

  • Roku remote controls have several interesting options

  • Roku also has a noise-reduction feature

  • Soft sounds can be increased by the users

  • Different variants like Roku Premiere and Roku Ultra are available

  • Roku app is available for both iOS and Android devices